016 Old American Cars 09


8″ x 8″ (20cm x 20cm) for collection


This is a 1952 Chevrolet

These pictures of classic cars were all taken in Cuba where a great many cars from the forties and fifties are still on the road.  However, under the bonnet they are unlikely to be much like they started out, as it has been impossible to get parts for them due to the American embargo on exports to Cuba.  The Cubans are very good at make do and mend, and have kept these cars going, often with tractor engines and odd parts from other cars.  Many are now beautifully restored and are used to take tourists on trips around, but most are family cars, lovingly preserved and maintained. 

Many thanks to DAVID MUNSON for helping me with the exact identification of many of these cars.

There are fourteen individual cars and they are available only in the smaller size, 8″ x 8″ (20 cm x 20 cm).  I have put together a panel, which contains six cars, and you can buy that for £90.00.  Or you can make your own choice from the following images sold separately at £15.00 each.

This price is for collection from Leamington Spa only.  However, if you are unable to collect, and you would like me to courier or post to you, this is possible.  Please phone, text or email me (see contacts page) and I will find out what the cost will be, depending, of course, on how many items you wish to purchase.

PLEASE NOTE that these ‘flotos’are the only items on the website which are not made by me as special equipment is needed. I may have the pieces you have chosen in stock, but otherwise I will need to order them for you. Delivery will take from one to three weeks, and I may be unable to guarantee an exact delivery date. If it is essential that you receive your “flotos” within a specific time, please contact me and I will ascertain if that is going to be possible before you place your order.

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A4 mounted print overall dimensions 40×30 cm (collection only)., A4 unmounted


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