Gallery 7 - Floating Panels ('Flotos')

Here you can see something very different, which people find to be quite stunning, and the envy of their friends. These are panels of five or six images, and currently nine of these panels are available. Giclée prints are bonded onto hardboard and then varnished to protect them. A frame is then glued to the back, to make them stand out about an inch. Because of this, a small shadow is created, and they look as if they are floating off the wall.

The first three panels are abstract images of fragments of slate. These all come from Cwmorthin – an abandoned slate mine near Blaenau Ffestiniog in Wales. The ground is littered with pieces of slate and abandoned machinery. The natural hues in the slate, the rust on the bits of ironwork and the lichen which has grown over the years, have combined to create the rich colours, and the gentle rain which was falling on the day of my visit enhanced the vibrancy of eatch scattered fragment.

You can see COLOURS OF SLATE, TEXTURES OF SLATE and BLUE AND GOLD SLATE on pages 1 – 2 below.

The next panel is BLUEBELL WOODS; five images taken in woodlands around Warwickshire.

You can see this panel on page 2 below.

After this comes HAPPY DAYS a nostalgic look at British seaside holidays of the past.

You can see HAPPY DAYS on page 2 below.

AUTUMN is a panel of five images The two large pictures were taken in Coventry Memorial Park and on the Stoneleigh Road, whilst the smaller images are fallen leaves were photographed at Westonbirt Arboretum.

AUTUMN begins on page 3 below, and continues on page 4.

After AUTUMN comes WOOD AND IRON. These images come from the Black Country Museum at Dudley. Here, timber from old canal boats was used to build a row of sheds, and there I found these macro shots.

WOOD AND IRON is on page 3 below.

The next ‘flotos’ are images of classic American cars found over several years in Cuba. These cars date from the forties and fifties, and are still going strong, often held together by an assortment of make do and mend parts and, sometimes, fitted with tractor engines.

You can see CUBAN CLASSIC AMERICAN CARS on pages 3 – 4 below.

The final panel is AUTUMN LEAVES, single leaves from the autumn of 2016, which was a wonderful year for autumn colour. The beauty of the leaves varies year by year, depending on the weather conditions long before the leaves start to ‘turn’.

AUTUMN LEAVES can be seen on pages 4 – 5 below.

The first seven panels are made up of five pieces. Two large ones, which measure twelve and a half inches square, (32 x 32 cm) and three small ones measuring eight inches square (20 x 20 cm.) A whole panel costs £90.00, if collected.

You may purchase a panel of five pieces, or you may choose individual “flotos” in both sizes; this means that, if you wish, you may design and create your own unique panels – or simply buy just one image. Small “flotos” cost £15.00 and large ones £22.50, also for collection.

Cuban classic American cars and Autumn leaves are only available in the small size, at £15.00 each, for collection. Both these look good as a panel of six, (which is available to purchase) but the choice is yours.

PLEASE NOTE that these are the only items on the website which are not made by me, but by a specialist printer, as special equipment is needed. I may have the pieces you have chosen in stock, but otherwise I will need to order them for you. Delivery will take from one to three weeks, and I may be unable to guarantee an exact delivery date. If it is essential that you receive your “flotos” within a specific time, please contact me and I will ascertain if that is going to be possible before you place your order.

If you are unable to collect, and you would like me to post or courier your order for these panels this can be arranged, but please contact me to discuss costs.

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