Photography by Hilary RobertsWelcome to my website and thank you for coming to look at my collection of images which you can see in the various galleries.

Over the last thirty years or so I have participated in national and international  photographic exhibitions and along the way I have gained the distinctions of Master of the International Federation of Photographic Art and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.  However, although all these pictures are my own, I now see myself as more of an image maker than a photographer, and the sole purpose of my pictures is to give people pleasure.

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The reason I sell my pictures is to support a little Cuban boy called Eddy, who was born in 2010.. I have been helping him and his family since he was two.  Eddy contracted meningitis as a baby.  Although he recovered, he was left very severely disabled.  I  used to visit Cuba every year to take vital medical equipment for Eddy which is not available in Cuba.  Since Covid I have been unable to do this, but fortunately I took huge quantities of equipment in 2019.  Now I send money every month so that the family can survive in a very difficult situation, where inflation is currently 200%. The money I raise from selling my pictures pays for this, and, after commissions and income tax, every penny of profit goes to this cause.

I like to create beautiful images of Leamington and Warwick and the surrounding area where I have lived for most of my life, and I particularly enjoy carrying out commissions to produce images of individual houses.

However, if you browse through the galleries you will find that I have produced a wide range of subjects, pictures and styles to choose from.

The last two galleries are pictures which have been successful in national and international photographic exhibitions which I have included simply to give you an idea of the other side of my photography

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